Dr. Gustavo Jimenez Muñoz Ledo

Nowadays the subject of plastic surgery involves having a proper knowledge of the procedure they wish to have as a patient, but something more than the saber of the procedure also knows to whom we are going to trust our life during and after the procedure. In Mexico every time more procedures are performed, some of these doctors or clinics are not authorized to carry them out in a professional fashion, so it is important that you know that we are certified. And is that making a decision of this type is not easy or much cheaper, for this reason we offer the greatest possible confidence, supported by the fact that as a patient you will always be the most important person and for which we do not specialize every day. That is why we want to offer you in our first consultation all the security and confidence to solve all your questions, in a pleasant and professional environment.
At Phi Aesthetics we want to be part of the change you have decided to make, always respecting naturalness and elegance. In short, the art of plastic surgery.


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What would you think if you could see how you would look before the surgery? Crisalix was created in 2009 with the mission of allowing you to visualize your dream by offering 3D simulations of any aesthetic and plastic procedure based on standard 2D photos. Crisalix has developed the first 3D simulator through internet that allows to simulate procedures like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, botox injections and many more.

With only 3 photos we can make the 3D model of your body or face.

Female medical doctor consultation woman patient point at computer screen

We can see the before and after plastic surgery.


With our virtual Reality lenses, you can have the best experience of your surgery